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If your toilet clogs...

Typically, you can unclog your toilet using a plunger. If you don't own one, you can purchase one from a local hardware store.

To use the plunger, firmly press it over the drain. When the plunger seals, pump it up and down rapidly. This should push the debris in the pipe through. You'll know you've successfully dislodged the clog when the basin drains.

Be sure to exercise caution when performing this maneuver and do not flush the toilet again until it drains on its own. If you flush with the handle, you may cause the toilet to overflow.

Sinks and Showers

If a drain in your bathroom isn't draining properly, there may be debris in the pipes. You can purchase a drain cleaning tool to help you fish out hair and other particles, but please do not use drain cleaning liquids that may damage the pipes. If you need help, make a repair request and we'll be in touch.

Please note: During weekends and out of hours. emergency maintenance fees may apply

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