How to Attract Long-Term Tenants

attract long-term tenants

Having long-term tenants can help you better protect your financial goals and measure the return on your investment. When your property is vacant, you will still have to take care of bills and other property-related expenses.  Keeping the property occupied can cover a portion, if not all, of these expenses and lets you save money…

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Top Tips When Buying Investment Property in Fort Lauderdale


There’s no doubt that Florida is one of the best states to live in. In fact, the Sunshine State’s population has substantially grown in the last few years. Florida has also become one of the top destinations for migrants. Many Americans from other states have moved to Florida because of its great weather, beautiful scenery,…

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Quick Guide to Effective Tenant Screening in Broward


As a landlord, you have to know how to take care of your tenants and keep them happy. Once you find high-quality tenants, you should try everything you can to keep them. But to find the perfect tenants, you should have a proper tenant screening in place. One of the main problems of being a…

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How to Advertise Your Broward County Rental Property Successfully


Though your property may be the best among your competitors, if the advertising doesn’t resonate with the target demographics, it can reduce the size of your prospective renters.  This means having fewer options, which can limit your potential for better earnings. A vacant property will only diminish your capital as you have to attend to…

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The Best Renovations for Your Rental Property


Even if you have an attractive rental property, wear and tear can build up over the years. On top of this, new rentals are popping up all the time, giving your prospects plenty of choices. As a property owner, you want to avoid vacancies, so using effective strategies to gain long-term tenants is valuable. One…

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Florida Fair Housing Act: an Overview

fair housing header

Whether you’re a landlord or a tenant, everyone has the right to be treated with fairness and respect. But what makes this legal, is the Florida Fair Housing Act (FHA)! The Fair Housing Act was put in place to provide equal housing opportunities in Florida. So, landlords, buyers, lenders, and renters are protected from discrimination…

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Reasons to Invest in Broward County Real Estate

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Are a real estate investor you looking to invest in the Broward County area? Broward offers a superb quality of life, strong home prices, and market value with a distinctive natural landscape. The county provides visitors and local residents with a variety of cultural and entertainment options. It also has an outstanding semi-tropical climate. Investments…

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Best Areas to Invest in Broward County 

invest in broward

Are you looking to invest in Broward County, FL real estate? Broward County has an impressive real estate market with a high level of activity as seen by the increased number of people buying and selling property. In recent years, property prices have been on an upward trend mainly because of interest from both investors…

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Top Tips When Buying Investment Property in Broward County

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Broward County Florida offers many different options for a successful real estate investor. But even a slight error may set you back and so we at TrueNest Property Management want you to feel confident that your investment is the right one. Rental homes can create a positive cash flow and boost your wealth. But to…

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