Breaking a Lease in Broward County FL – Know the Laws

breaking a lease

The majority of tenants who sign a lease in Florida intend to stay there until the term ends. However, despite their good intentions, it may not happen that way. The tenant may need to break the lease for a variety of reasons such as: Moving to the new home they bought. Moving to a new…

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A Guide to the Eviction Process in Broward County FL

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The Florida landlord-tenant laws give both landlords and tenants a series of rights and responsibilities. One such right is to evict a tenant for a lease violation. Common lease violations in the state of Florida include: Failure by the tenant to pay rent. Surpassing the term of the lease without agreeing with the landlord. Foreclosure…

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Florida Security Deposit Laws

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No Florida landlord-tenant law compels landlords to charge a security deposit. But Florida landlords charge it, as it ensures they are compensated, at least in part, for any potential losses that the tenant causes, such as negligent property damage and unpaid rent. Even though there are no laws that compel a landlord to charge a…

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