How to Advertise Your Broward County Rental Property Successfully


Though your property may be the best among your competitors, if the advertising doesn’t resonate with the target demographics, it can reduce the size of your prospective renters.  This means having fewer options, which can limit your potential for better earnings.

A vacant property will only diminish your capital as you have to attend to property maintenance and repairs, even in the absence of tenants.

So, to resolve this problem, we at TrueNest Property Management believe you need to learn how to market your Broward County rental unit effectively, which is why we have put together the following article:

Why is Effective Rental Advertising Vital?

Increasing the exposure of your Broward County rental property requires effective advertising. You need to engage your target market and capture their attention so you have the best caliber of renters to select from.

Great tenants are easier to manage and they also contribute to receiving consistent rental earnings and keeping your rental unit in an excellent state. Meaning advertising plays a very important part in the rental process.

Recommendations on Rental Property Advertising

Here are wonderful tips you can try when marketing your Broward County rental property:

Improve Your Photography

Before viewers read your advertising copy, they will naturally go through your images first. If you’re able to provide attractive photos of your property, then it’s easier to keep their attention. If you have any issues, it’s a good idea to use a professional photographer.


Use a high-quality camera to ensure your photos are clear and professional. This separates great marketers from amateurs. So, use your photographs to leave a great impression on your target market and make it worth their time to check out your property ad.

Stage Your Property

Part of preparing your Broward County rental property for a photo shoot is to eliminate the clutter. You want to present a clean and comfortable appearance that encourages prospective renters to progress the application.

Your photos should show the lifestyle that the new occupant will experience in your unit. Make time to tidy your rental place to build more appeal. This should extend to your outdoor areas and renovations as well.

Light Every Room

Professional photographers can attest to the important role that lighting plays in great images. If you plan to take the pictures on your own, consider the lighting as a major factor in creating great photos. Plan ahead of time and check the weather.

Natural lighting is best and you can aim to take good photos during the golden hours in the morning and late afternoon.

Write Superb Copy

After seeing the pictures, the viewers will shift their attention to the rest of the ad. To obtain the best results, your photos should be accompanied by powerful and engaging property descriptions of your Broward County rental property. Create a copy that makes potential tenants contact you. Your property ad should inspire and captivate through words.


Craft an Enticing Headline

It’s important that your Broward County rental property ad has the right headline since this inspires interest. A great headline serves complete information on your rental unit. Below is an excellent formula to guide you in creating a headline for your rental ad.

This formula is proven to engage your viewers:

Rent price rate + Number of bedrooms + Number of bathrooms + Property Type + Location + Best Feature

Describe the Property

After finishing your headline, you should write the property description of your Broward County rental property. You can start inspiring the target audience to consider checking your rental by highlighting your best property features, including the amenities in your unit and the neighborhood.

This section provides a way to conduct pre-screening as you can introduce your property policies. For example, you don’t accept tenants with pets. You can already incorporate that restriction so interested renters who have pets are taken out of the equation.

You can also mention if you have a pool, extra outdoor areas, a dedicated space for parking, or any other amenities that a renter might be interested in. You can also state the proximity of the rental space to the transportation hub, grocery shops, and schools. It’s best to be clear from the start.

Analyze Your Distribution Platforms


Another factor in designing your Broward County rental property advert is distributing it on the right channels. Without being aware of effective marketing vehicles, you can still fail. Think where property ads gain the most views to quickly find occupants for your vacant unit.

There’s a long list of property listing sites you can consider. So, you should evaluate them based on their popularity with your target demographic. It’s also advisable to use more than a single platform and a variety of marketing methods.

You could also place ads in the local paper and hand out flyers. You want to avoid limiting yourself to certain demographics.

Monitor Your Advert

It’s best to track how your ad is doing and make updates to gather more interest in the property. Increased marketing actively leads to acquiring more quality leads. So, make sure to monitor your advert and make any changes that are necessary.

Bottom line

To have a successful Broward County rental property, you should consider the three most important factors: Property photos, ad copy, and best distribution channels. But if you have any other questions regarding marketing a rental property, it’s best to contact a property management company.

At TrueNest Property Management we are a full-service property management company with expert marketing skills like marketing and tenant screening that can take your property to the next level. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.